"The most useful program of the year."
- Times Educational


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Software for Writers CD

"Who can tell if my business plan would have succeeded without editing with StyleWriter. All I know is everyone who read it said it made a refreshing change to read such a clear and
well-presented document."
- Small Business Owner


When you buy the StyleWriter program (for $160) or order the 30-day trial version (for $30 - refundable if you later decide to buy), we will email you a web address where you can download StyleWriter and install it on your PC.

You will also get the Software for Writers CD in the mail. This CD contains your backup copy of StyleWriter, the demonstrations and tutorials, the time-limited trial to the Electronic Writing Course, the free programs and writing guides.

If you are unsure whether you want to buy StyleWriter, you can order the Software for Writers CD that has a 30-day trial to the StyleWriter program. The CD costs $30 (£20 + VAT = £23.50) to cover shipping, handling and administration. However, if you decide to buy StyleWriter, we deduct the cost paid for the Software for Writers CD.

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"StyleWriter acts as a professional editor for anyone who needs to write reports, proposals or press releases. For writing punchy, effective, communicative text, even with your own whimsical style, look no further."
Good Software Guide

"StyleWriter especially impressed me in flagging only a handful of false errors that are common with grammar checkers. Its advice was intelligent, and it came across as a practical and effective aid to good clear writing."
- PC Plus

"Like having the Chicago Manual of Style at your fingertips... StyleWriter is undoubtedly useful for anyone who writes. It takes the hard slog out of editing, and draws your attention to stylistic faults you probably didn't know you had."
- The Manual

"No sales literature goes out of the Marketing department without passing the StyleWriter test. It must get excellent ratings from StyleWriter or it's not good enough."
- Marketing Director

"Editors charge about $50 to polish writing. Yet StyleWriter does 80 per cent of the editor's work. I reckon I've saved the cost of the program by running it through just a few articles."
- Freelance Journalist



Confused About Grammar?

 StyleWriter points out mistakes which help you learn.


Are You A Student?

Run StyleWriter before handing in those important writing assignments!

Work At Home?

StyleWriter is the perfect editing software for anyone who writes.

Make Your Project Shine With StyleWriter!


"I sent my first book to Random House. They told me it was the first draft they had ever received that didn't need editing. I'm afraid I didn't tell them I'd used StyleWriter."
- Author of text books