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Software for Writers CD


Software for Writers

Editor Software's highly acclaimed software for writers

software for writers cd

StyleWriter — the Plain English Editor

1. 30-Day Unrestricted Trial of StyleWriter Editing Software

The CD lets you install and use the full StyleWriter for 30 days to check and edit your documents with the world's most powerful style and English usage checker. You'll learn where your writing faults lie and how to correct them. The program teaches you how to write in a clear and concise style and how to use the techniques of top writers and professional editors on your own documents.

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StyleWriter the Plain English Editor

StyleWriter is the world's most powerful computerized editor. It checks your writing and suggests ways to turn your draft into a mode of clear English. It's just like having a professional editor help you check and redraft your document.

Comparing Before-and-After Drafts

Editing with StyleWriter usually removes 25 - 30 percent of the wasted words in documents and simplifies and clarifies the message. Here's the letter after following StyleWriter's editing advice.

StyleWriter's Statistics Show Your Improvement

You can measure your writing improvement by comparing the statistics in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. StyleWriter can save these 'before-and-after' statistics in a database so you have a permanent record of your writing improvement.


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Confused About Grammar?

 StyleWriter points out mistakes which help you learn.


Are You A Student?

Run StyleWriter before handing in those important writing assignments!


Work At Home?

StyleWriter is the perfect editing software for anyone who writes.

Make Your Project Shine With StyleWriter!